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Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park

Texas is a prominent place with many options for great hiking, camping, picnic, and other outdoor adventures. Taking time to get the kids outdoors makes many fond memories for a lifetime. The Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan is a popular park in Austin, Texas that offers abundant opportunities through the different amenities, including the trail and playground, where playing is definitely kid friendly. Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park must be on your itinerary when visiting Texas for a holiday or vacation. The area is well maintained and family-friendly, as well, as it will give tremendous and memorable adventures that you and your loved ones will remember for a lifetime. 

Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park is one of the most famous parks in Austin, Texas. Hiking Trails measuring 215 acres, you can find the three central regions: the Canyon, chaparral, and the prairie. This fantastic park is open from Monday to Sunday from 5 in the morning to 10 in the evening; admission is accessible to the public. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water, bug spray, and sunscreen. Also, don’t forget to bring a shade or a camera.

The latter is a renovated site and has many wildflowers and grasses native to the area. The broad open park area provides amazing opportunities for bird watching.  Here, you can spot kind bird species such as the Nashville Warbler, Yellow Throated Vireo, and the very popular White-Tailed Kite. During the cold season, it is a renowned place to see wintering sparrows of Central Texas. 

Along the track that loops around this park,  Austin Lake is the best place to visit for fishing, picnicking, and birding.  Commons Ford Creek runs in the center of the park, and a short climb, the Waterfall Trail, will direct you to a canyon. Here, you will be amazed by the stunning set of falls. 

Short Overview of the Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan 

Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park is a unique and important cultural scenery in Austin, Texas’s most natural park setting. The place around this park was initially taken and used by Native Americans. See this page

Only across Austin Lake, which runs next to the north segment of the theme park, was a trendy spring called Santa Monica Springs. Many believed that the current tribes that occupied the place before the coming of white settlers were Tonkawa ad Comanche, who frequently fished as well as hunted down the rivers and streams, frequenting Santa Monica Spring, employing it as a campground.

Short History of Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park

In the first quarter of the 20th century, the area became privatized as well as an operational cattle ranch, Resaca Ranch, was in service on the land. Many historic structures from the ranch stay at the Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park at this point and take into account a ranch abode, a caretaker house, as well as a barn.

Knowing that Austin was searching for waterfront land, and in 1983, Bradley and Wooley Incorporated sold 215 acres for the region recognized at this point as Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park. This park takes account of rustic wildland, scenic; picnic area, boat dock, as well as a swimming spot intermixed with historic and notable, and very popular artifacts, which make this park really amazing and special. You can try here

Features and the Amenities Offered at Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park

The Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park park offers amazing features as well as amenities that everyone will enjoy. The Commons Ford Ranch Park Metropolitan is located in Austin Lake. There is free parking, a volleyball net for volleyball enthusiasts, and dog friendly. There are picnic tables, but you must bring a chair or a blanket where you can sit; there is some shade, but not by the lakeside; There is a sign that says, “no swimming.” Fishing is legal, but you need to be extra careful. On the left side of the road, you will see some trails that follow along a creek, and a few minutes into it; you will end up on a small waterfall. Stay on the track, and you will find it. The best thing about this park is that everything is free. 

There are amenities offered by Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park, such as:

  • Boat ramp
  • Grills
  • BBQ Pits and Fire ring
  • Fisher pier
  • Parking
  • Restrooms
  • Picnic tables
  • Trails hiking

What are the Things To Do

  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Walking and Hiking
  • Wildlife watching
  • Picnicking

Operating Hours

Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park is open from 1 pm to 6 pm and closed on Mondays. Gates automatically lock in at 6 pm sharp. In some cases, access is limited or affected by maintenance issues or events.

Important Information to Remember