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River Place Nature Trail

After many years of legal conflict, River Place Nature Trail endured closure a couple of years ago. The nature trail today may efficiently be closed to visitors from other regions with a high-cost plan organized on the weekends. The trailhead on the southern part has a boardwalk in the corner of a pond. 

Trekked just about all trains in the city and searched for something challenging or new. The River Place Nature Trail may be the trek or trail you have been searching for.

Short Overview of River Place Nature Trail

River Place Nature Trail is the absolute preferred trail in the entire Austin. It may be the only actual hike in the city that gets your buns burning and takes your breath away from physical activity. Only half an hour north of the city center, the canyon trailhead provides the steepest incline close to the area, with over 5,000 stairs to climb and step down on a round trip. When you arrive, you will witness a boardwalk that surrounds a small lake, where you can park and start the trek with a 1,700 feet elevation change. It is approximately six miles and takes more than two hours to climb up and back down. It’s quite a quest with alternating ground.

Trail Overview 

The new and exciting trail was developed by the MUD or Municipal Utility District, which serves the neighborhood of River Place. One word that describes the trail is that it is fantastic. There are a few steep altitude gains and falls or declines mitigated by the everywhere post of stairs and steps. 

One trailhead is on Big View Drive in a small soccer field and tennis courts. Here, the trailhead takes account of a kiosk explaining the trail map as well as animals you may see along the trek. Other

The first part of the trek is a walkway that goes after the border of a preservation pond. You will find many turtles and sometimes people who are fishing. Soon, the trails turn rough and go into the sweep climbing. 

A couple of spots all over the place have impressive waterfalls and fascinating formations. This initial part of the trail is called Lower Panther Trail, named in respect to the nearby vicinity, Panther Hollow. How this place got its name? This was when the site was still a ranch, and many dead goats kept turning up close to the cave entryway. Ranch hands caught a Mountain Lion here to be accountable for slaying and dispatched it. There has been no Mountain Lion visible in the spot for many years. 

The trek surface is hard rock and pack. It is rough and often embraces the corner of sheer slopes on top of Hollow Creek. Builders of this trail used many logs to support the downward portion of the trek for stabilization. Putting the train into place takes a lot of time and work. 

Approximately a half mile, an intersection leads you to two possible ways. When you head to the right, you will see the trekking segment called Little Fern Trail, which leads to one of two trails heading down River Place Boulevard. If you turn right, there is another segment option on the trail. The Water Line Trail is near the Lower Panther Trail on the reverse portion of the stream. This part is flat and wide, different from the rest of the trek system. It is more of a service way; however, it is a choice nonetheless. Official source

The main alternative goes north and includes the latest addition to the trek system that takes into account trail segments called Upper Panther Trail as well as Canyon Trail. You will find the most challenging road with a massive elevation variation here. Look forward to a Stairmaster like training as you slide down from ravines and creek beds. 

The northern parts of the trek also feature some vista sights of the nearby canyon lands as well as the River Place golf club under. If you look at the certified maps available at the kiosks, many emergencies exit onto the golf course near the trail segment in the nature trail. 

The northern track portion also empties onto River Place Boulevard. Even if this place’s trailheads lack open parking, there are enough spaces to park along the street to park. 

When starting at the settlement views of the River Place Nature Trail, it is quite feasible that the trek system here could be enlarged or widened out a little bit further, even if there are no definite plans up to this point. It doesn’t matter if the mileage increased or not. River Place Nature Trail is indeed a fantastic place in Austin that is worth visiting. 

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