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Greetings from Austin Mural

Greetings From Austin Mural is a famous site for art lovers and photographers. It is also ideal for people seeking Instagram-worthy spots. This colorful, wall-sized painting is widely known for depicting retro postcards.

Tourists can explore Austin’s neighborhoods to find interesting sites for street art and ever-changing mural galleries. They can take photos or selfies on sightseeing tours through a wealth of colorful art on the city’s streets. Above all, it’s free! 

Greetings From Austin Mural is undoubtedly one of Austin’s most popular murals. This mural at Roadhouse Relics is painted by Rory Skagen and Todd Sanders in a vintage postcard style. The Roadhouse Relics is the gallery and studio where Todd crafts these vintage-style designs with specialized weathering techniques and durable modern art materials. 

When visiting the mural, it is recommended to have someone take the picture to ensure the whole iconic image is captured, and you should stand between the word “Capitol” and the painted capitol. Click now

A Brief History 

This mural was painted in April 1997. Todd Sanders purchased a building for his neon studio. Then, artists Bill Brakhage and Rory Skagen across the street had recently moved into their building. This building had a Cesar Chavez mural. And Todd asked if they could paint a mural for him.

Artists Sanders, Skagen, and Brakhage initially wanted to promote their mural and celebrate the beauty of Austin. But they do not expect that the mural would become one of the city’s iconic landmarks. 

Where is the Greetings from Austin Mural Located?

Greetings From Austin Mural’s official address is on 1st Street, but the mural itself is along Annie Street. When driving a car, it is advisable to park along this street and walk a short distance to the mural site. Find

This mural is around a 6-minute walk from June’s All Day and a 13-minute walk from the home of another iconic mural, “I love you so much” (Jo’s), on South Congress. 

What to See in Greetings From Austin Mural?

This artistic and vibrant mural is inspired by a postcard in the 1940s. It depicts different landmarks in Austin, such as Barton Springs, The University of Texas Tower, and the Congress Avenue Bridge. In 2013, the mural was restored – all thanks to the community’s donations. 

Tips When Visiting Greetings From Austin Mural

Many tourists consider photos in front of this mural a perfect souvenir from their Austin trip. If your trips require some Instagrammable moments, make sure to make this iconic mural part of your bucket list. 

For first-timers, visiting this iconic mural in Austin can be overwhelming. Don’t worry; here are some tips to consider to have a fun and successful visit:

Park Your Car Properly on the Street 

As mentioned above, the easiest place to park your vehicle when viewing Greetings From Austin Mural is on Annie Street. Be cautious about not blocking the driveways since it is a residential area. 

Watch Out for Traffic 

If you have no wide-angle lens, you have to step into Annie Street to capture the entire mural. Another pro tip: keep an eye on traffic and be sure to move fast. 

Don’t Be Shy! 

Not everyone is not very confident in posing for photos but still want to capture the unique beauty of this mural. What’s more, you are not the only one who will visit the mural and take some photos. So, expect a small line to form, mainly on weekend days. Don’t be shy; you might only have a few chances to snap photos. 

Be Cautious of Shadows 

Greetings From Austin Mural is tricky to photograph at times. This is especially true during the afternoon when there are harsh shadows. So, it is recommended to go to the site before the afternoon.

Top Destinations to See Near the Greetings From Austin Mural

One of the best things about this mural is that it is in a prime location. When you feel thirsty or hungry, you can quickly find several food trucks, bakeries, and restaurants. 

After a few steps away from Greetings From Austin Mural, you can enjoy other destinations like:

Among the Wildflowers Mural 

Do you want to see another mural? Looking across the street from the Greetings From Austin Mural lets you see a new and attractive mural. It displays a beautiful collection of flowers together with a quiet by Tom Petty, “you belong among the wildflowers.” While this mural is gorgeous, it is challenging to photograph. This is because of the power lines in front of the mural. 

La Patisserie

This French-style bakery is situated near the Roadside Relics. It offers mouthwatering French pastries and other treats cooked from scratch. You can also have a cup of great coffee. 

Important Information About Greetings From Austin Mural

  • Address: 1720 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704
  • Phone: +1 512-442-6366
  • Website:
  • Schedule: Monday to Sunday – Open 24 hours