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Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is considered the US’ second-fastest mid-sized airport. It is owned and operated by the City of Austin.

Since it is also an economic engine in the Central Texas region, it supplies more than 74,000 direct and indirect jobs. This airport is a Runner Up in the 2019 Travel Awards for Best US Airport in Fodor because of its reflection on customer service, local food, art, and food. 

The airport offers not only safe and comfortable flights but also features numerous artworks and regular live music performances. It aims to provide economic opportunities to the community and safe journeys around the world. 

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport has two terminals: Barbara Jordan Terminal (3600 Presidential Boulevard) and South Terminal (10000 Logistics Lane).

Barbara Jordan Terminal:

  • Virgin Atlantic 
  • Vacation Express 
  • United Airlines 
  • Sun Country Airlines 
  • Spirit Airlines 
  • Southwest Airlines 
  • Lufthansa
  • KLM 
  • JetBlue Airways 
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines 
  • British Airways 
  • American Airlines 
  • Alaska Airlines 
  • Air Canada 
  • Aeromexico

South Terminal 

  • Frontier Airlines 
  • Allegiant Air 

The airport also offers a volunteer organization called Airport Ambassador Program that provides exceptional customer service to airport visitors and passengers. Go to this website

How to Get to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport 

Passengers and visitors can get to the airport via public transportation. Bus line 20 has a route passing near the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. 

Things to Do at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport During a Layover 

Layovers are never fun and exciting if an airport has nothing in it and passengers have plenty of time to kill. Fortunately, you can enjoy plenty of Austin-related things when you have a layover at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport without leaving the terminal. 

Live Music 

Live music is a critical part of Austin culture. Passengers and visitors can enjoy live music from Mondays through Fridays at the airport. 

The local radio station KUTX offers a vibrant music scene to everyone. The changing roster of venues and venues within the airports lets passengers enjoy their favorite songs while killing time. Webpage

Delta Sky lounge 

When passengers have access to business or first class on Virgin Atlantic or Delta or have snazzy credit card status, they can enjoy plenty of treats. For example, they can have Texan beers that they can enjoy on the outdoor patio.

Escape Pods 

Some passengers prefer taking a break from the noise, especially since the airport has plenty of passengers treading the floors, by booking one of the Escape Pods. You can find them around the airport, offering fast, free Wi-Fi. You can also charge your gadgets there. 

Art Exhibits 

The airport continuously hosts different artworks and art-related programs. Airport visitors and passengers can explore different installations and galleries featuring artists from the Austin community and around the world. 


A local independent bookstore is found where the Hudson News kiosks’ wasteland is located. Head to the south terminal and get some books or in-flight reading materials. 

As you can assume, there is a little chance you will get bored while waiting for your flight. Feel free to explore these sites to spend your time productively while discovering interesting things related to Austin. 

Travel Tips and More 

Passengers are recommended to arrive at least 2.5 hours before their domestic flight departure and 3 hours before their international flight departure. If they need to return a rental car, check luggage, or fly out of the city for the first time, it is best to give them plenty of time. 

Before arriving, passengers should check their flight status ahead of time and determine their department terminal. 

Here are some tips for carry-on packing:

  • Pack clothes at the bottom of the carry-on.
  • Items that need to be checked or heavier items should be on top for easy access.
  • The water bottle should be empty (fill it in after the security check). 
  • Label gadgets like laptops with a business card on the bottom to avoid accidental exchange by other passengers or loss.
  • Any firearms are not allowed at the airport security checkpoints. Double-check the carry-on before heading to the airport, ensuring no firearm is brought accidentally.

Below are some tips for checked baggage packing:

  • Pack sneakers, boots, shoes, and other footwear on top of other content in the baggage to ensure easier security checks.
  • Do not overpack. The airport security screener needs to reseal the bag as quickly as possible when opened for inspection. 
  • Determine the airline’s maximum weight limitations.
  • Spread items over several bags.
  • Roll up the clothes to save space and tuck small items within larger ones.
  • Do not lock the checked baggage.
  • Please do not place a film in the checked baggage because it can damage the screening equipment.
  • Split the shoes and clothing when traveling with someone. This allows the suitcase of each person can contain some of the items of other travelers.

Important Information About Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

  • Address: 3600 Presidential Blvd, Austin, TX 78719 
  • Phone: +1 512-530-2242
  • Website: